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Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol sitting in an office looking at a computer />

Andy Warhol, from an interview with G.R. Swenson, "What is Pop Art?: Anwers from 8 Painters, Part I," Artnews 62 (November 1963), p. 26.

The pop artist Andy Warhol once approached me at a party and told me that he collected scientific journals, but he couldn't understand them. He drifted away, then came back and said, "Do you mind if I ask you a question?" "Of course not," I replied. He asked, "Why does science take so long?" I said, "Mr. Warhol, when you do a picture of Marilyn Monroe, does it have to be exactly like her, as close to being her as you can make it?" He said, "Oh no. And anyhow, I have this place called the Factory where my helpers do it." I said, "Well, in science it has to be exact, as exact as you can make it." He looked at me with limp sympathy and said, "Isn't that terrible?"

Gerald M. Edelman Bright Air, Brilliant Fire (1992)

Photo Credit: Billy Name. Andy Warhol/Iconic Divisionist. 1964 (note: photo altered)

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